How To Order | Alba Rose Ashes: Fine Ashes Jewellery - Ashes to Glass

How to Order

1) Request an Ordering Pack - Standard Delivery

Order usually completed within 21 days of receiving the Ashes from you.

By requesting our free ordering pack, you’ll receive both an order form and an ashes kit, so you can place your order using the form, and return this with the ashes in the free return envelope provided.

Request an Ashes Kit

2) Place Your Order Online - Faster Delivery's

Order usually completed within 10 days of receiving the Ashes from you.

By placing your order online, we immediately ship an ashes kit which allows you to send the ashes using a free return envelope provided.

At the same time we start manufacturing the product you have chosen, ready for when your ashes arrive. This way the product is being manufactured whilst you are organising the ashes to be returned to us, therefore speeding up the entire process.